Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Developing Your Overall Digital Stategy

  • Understanding the Components of a Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Determining the company strategy
      • Creating a digital marketing strategy
      • Get your customer’s attention
      • Understand your business model and your brand
      • Decide which marketing campaign to create
      • Develop the strongest offers
    • Uncovering the customer experience
      • Collect and analyze customer data
      • Create personas
      • Develop the buyer journey
      • Assist with sales enablement
    • Creating quality content
      • Create a content strategy
      • Develop content types
      • Know what your customers want
      • Write and storytell
      • Create processes and systems
      • Target content for each audience
    • Developing channel promotions
      • Use paid, earned, shared, and owned media for maximum reach
      • Use search marketing
      • Create sharable content
      • Add an email marketing campaign
    • Deploying check-back analysis
      • Reassess your business model and brand value
      • Reexamine your content marketing strategy
      • Measure success
      • Track metrics
      • Optimize campaigns for return on investment (ROI)
  • Communicating Your Mission
    • Crafting your statement
      • Whom you will serve
      • What solution you will offer
      • The outcome
    • Reviewing real mission statements
  • Establishing Your Goals
    • Uncovering your goals
      • Brand awareness
      • Educate audience
      • Build credibility/trust
      • Generate demand/leads
      • Nurture subscribers/audiences/leads
    • Picking KPIs
  • Expanding Your Corporate Mindset
    • Creating a culture of content
      • Get buy-in from the top
      • Share the same vision
      • Appoint a Chief Content Officer
      • Support and maintain the content culture
    • Thinking about reputation
      • Continually listen
      • Monitor your brand names and products
      • Link to all your sites to create a wide perspective
      • Maintain strict content governance
      • Create and distribute case studies and testimonials
    • Using content to serve customers
  • Dipping into User Design and Habits
    • Recoginizing the importance of UX design in your startegy
    • Observing product habits
      • Hooked: how to Form Habit-Building Products

2. Grabbing the Attention of Your Customer

3. Discovering Your Business Model and Brand

4. Deciding which Marketing Campaign to Create

5. Crafting Offers That Sell

6. Planning B2B Campain Success