Content marketing is in the scope of digial marketing, and it’s not a buzzy word, because it has emerged since the dawn of social media.

It goes without saying that content marketing is so important, because the customer behavior is always changing and the search engines rank websites by the quality of their content.

Before social media was born, people got to know a brand almostly through advertisements on TV or newspaper , in a reactive way. But nowadays, they don’t believe broadcast ads anymore, and before making a decision, they will investigate the content for what they want, in a proactive way, so the opinions from others count a lot than before.

As we know the importance of content marketing, but what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach that involves creating, curating, distributing, and amplifying content that is interesting, relevant and useful to a clearly defined audience group in order to create conversations about the content.

Digital Marketing 4.0

The definition is crystal clear that we could leverage content marketing to improve the brand awareness or conversion rate.

But before digging into the process of doing content marketing, it’s necessary to figure out what good content is first. Great content needs to be all of the following:

  • credible
  • shareable
  • useful or fun
  • interesting
  • relevant
  • different
  • on brand

And some of the most common content types are as follows:

  • website articles
  • news
  • case studies
  • blogs
  • video
  • mobile apps
  • mobile content
  • testimonials
  • e-books
  • infographics
  • images
  • online presentation
  • annual reports
  • research papers
  • podcast

When we come up with good content and choose a type to represent it, we need to build a pipeline to delivery it to the audience.

The basic steps of content marketing are as follows:

  • goal setting
  • audience mapping
  • conent ideation & planning
  • content creation
  • content distribution
  • content amplification
  • content-marketing evaluation
  • content-marketing improvement

It’s very clear about how to do content marketing, but every step is not easy.

As a startup, we don’t have enough manpower for elaborated content marketing, and as the CEO, I also don’t want to invest too much time and energy in the nuts and bolts.

So I wanna leverage technology to do the time-consuing tasks automatically, and that is why we’re building the Content Management System by ourself.