Behind the Cloud

Part 1: The Start-Up Playbook: How to Turn a Simple Idea into a High-Growth Company

  • Allow Yourself Time to Recharge
  • Have a Big Dream
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Trust a Select Few with Your Idea and Listen to Their Advice
  • Pursue Top Talent as If Your Success Depended on It
  • Sell Your Idea to Skeptics and Respond Calmly to Critics
  • Define Your Values and Culture Up Front
  • Work Only on What Is Important
  • Listen to Your Prospective Customers
  • Defy Convention
  • Have–and Listen to–a Trusted Mentor
  • Hire the Best Players You Know
  • Be willing to Take a Risk–No Hedging
  • Think Bigger

Part 2: The Marketing Playbook: How to Cut Through the Noise and Pitch the Bigger Picture

Part 3: The Events Playbook: How to Use Events to Build Buzz and Drive Business

Part 4: The Sales Playbook: How to Energize Your Customers into a Million-Member Sales Team

Part 5: The Technology Playbook: How to Develop Products Users Love

Part 6: The Corporate Philanthropy Playbook: How to Make Your Company About More Than Just the Bottom Line

Part 7: The Global Playbook: How to Launch Your Product and Introduce Your Model to New Markets

Part 8: The Finnace Playbook: How to Raise Captical, Create a Return, and Never Sell Your Soul

  • Don’t Underestimate Your Financial Needs
  • Consider Fundraising Strategies Other Than Venture Capital
  • User Internet Models to Reduce Start-Up Costs
  • Set Yourself Up Properly from the Beginning, Then Allow Your Financial Model to Evolve
  • Measure a Fast-Growing Company on Revenue, Not Profitability
  • Build a First-Class Financial Team
  • Be Innovative and Edgy in Everything You Do–Except When It Comes to Your Finances
  • When It Comes to Compliance, Always Play by the Rules
  • Focus on the Future
  • Allow for Change as Your Company Grows

Part 9: The Leadership Playbook: How to Create Alignment–the Key to Organizational Success

  • Use V2MOM to Focus Your Goals and Align Your Organization
  • Use a Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach
  • Build a Recruiting Culture
  • Recruiting Is Sales
  • Keep Your Standards High as You Grow
  • How to Retain Top Talent
  • The Importance of Mahalo
  • Foster Loyalty by Doing the Right Thing
  • Challenge Your Best People with New Opportunities
  • Solicit Employee Feedback – and Act On It
  • Leverage Everything

The Final Play

  • Make Everyone Successful