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Posted by liangfei on 2016-05-12

预测一下 Google IO 2016


终于可以用 Java8 写 Android 应用了,想想都有点激动,告别面条代码,拥抱FP!

In order to use the new Java 8 language features, you need to also use the new Jack toolchain

现在,要使用 Java8 必须依赖 Jack,因为为了兼容 old SDK,Jack 会进行字节码转换(例如,把 JDK8 的字节码转成 JDK7 or JDK6)


抓紧时间看 Fragment 源码

When should you use a fragment? How? Why?

In this session we’ll cover effective use of fragments along with new features.

We’ll also go over improvements that enable new use cases and improve existing ones.

Android Studio

工欲善其事必先利其器,做为一名 Vim 党对快捷键没什么兴趣,但是很期待新的 debug & analysis tool。

Android Studio Tips Of the Day


Android battery and memory optimizations


尽快看完 okHttp 源码。

HTTPS 到底安不安全?会浪费流量吗?

Data Binding

Data Binding 的 new features

  • two-way data binding
  • lambda expressions

Android themes & styles demystified

怎样写好 UI

APK 瘦身

Lean and fast: Putting your app on a diet


  1. Image compression for Android developers(图像压缩的实践,干货)
  2. Vulkan (全新的图形框架,OpenGL ES 替代品)

Material Design



Streaming media with ExoPlayer(取代 MediaPlayer)


  • Introducing Project Tango Area Learning
  • Making Android sensors and location work for you
  • VR at Google
  • VR & Cinema


Mobile app user acquisition and retention

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